Thursday 6 October 2016

Converting Space Marines to 32mm bases

Recently, Games Workshop changed their Space Marine range from the age old 25mm base to 32mm. The results are undeniably better looking, making each figure look better set in it's environment as well as being about 1mm taller.

This leaves anyone with a Space Marine collection with a dilemma, do you update your collection or do you ignore the soze change and carry on? Any new purchases will be on the new bases so you run the risk of having inconsistent base sizes in your army. This might not bother many people, and it would be fine to just carry on. But the idea of updating my existing Crimson Fist collection appealed to me.

The options available are to use the 32mm bases available from GW, which would require hacking each mini from it's base- not appealing; or using one of the adapters available online. Of these, there are the mdf ring adapters on ebay- cheap, plentiful but lacking the actual '32mm base' look as they lack the bevelled edge, and the tabletop adapters from These ingenious little plastic semicircles enable you to get the authentic 32mm base look without chopping your beloved minis of their existing bases. I ordered 100 of these from the makers in Copenhagen, Denmark.