Monday 12 May 2014

Planetary Empires hive tile

Just a quick mini project this evening. I'm currently preparing a 40k for a few of us that go to the local gaming group and i decided on using the hex tiles from the Planetary Empires box.  For that i need a few hive tiles so i set about building the first one using various bits and off cuts.  Old weapons are ideal for this and this hive contains a few, see if you can spot them.

Sunday 4 May 2014

Raid on comms post upsilon theta

A couple of weeks ago I played a cool scenario from against some Dark Eldar where my Imperial Guard/ Astra Militarum were to defend a communications outpost against the raiders.  After a bloody struggle the evil xenos flew away with my astropath.  Who knows what foul tortures will befall the unfortunate psychic at the hands of the despicable aliens?  Sector command has decreed that the astropath must not be allowed to remain in the hands of the Dark Eldar.  We've agreed to play a follow up mission using kill team rules, and hopefully the astropath will be retreived and be able to send a call for help to the Astartes, although there is no guarantee that the psyker will be fit to work after being a guest of the Eldar.

Finished Manticore and Leman Russ tanks

I've gradually been working my way through the pile of tanks I acquired recently, and with the release of the new Astra Militarum Codex I've been feeling motivated to get some more stuff off my painting table.  I'm now at the half way point with some more Leman Russ, several Chimera and a Hellhound remaining to do, not to mention the trio of Valkyries that need detailing.  So without further ado, here are some pics of the finished tanks.

The basic camouflage pattern is Castellan green airbrushed over a black primer, the model is then masked with normal masking tape taking care to ensure the paint underneath has cured completely (otherwise the tape can lift the paint, although sometimes this can make for a neat paint peeling effect).  The camo pattern is then completed with P3 Hammerfall Khaki.  Once the masking tape is removed I weather the vehicle with Agrax Earthshade and also an oil paint wash made from Burnt Umber and white spirit, although I am tending toward the GW wash as it is less smelly and alsmost as good in this application.  Paint chips are sponged on where damage might occur, then edge highlights are applied using Gretchin green and Kommando Khaki to help the model pop on the gaming table.  Transfers are applied over a gloss varnish, and when they are dry I distress them with the end of a needle file or scalpel, if i didn't do this the transfers would look far too fresh compared to the rest of the vehicle.  Details are then added- lenses, skulls etcetera.  If the vehicle has a name plate I write this in using a 0.25mm Rotring Isograph technical pen with indian ink, my hand isn't all that steasy but the results look okay.  My two Manticores are named 'Inductor' and 'Perditrix' which translate loosely as 'Persuader' and 'Destroyer'

To finish the model is given a coat of Vallejo Matt Polyurethane Varnish, which is probably the best varnish I've used so far.  All of the vehicles are fully magentised with swappable weapons, it's also nice to remove to remove the manticore Missiles as there are used in a game, it beats counting!