Wednesday 17 December 2008

Munitorum transporter

I little while back I was musing over the type of vehicles in use by the Department Munitorum for getting troops and supplies around. Forgeworld have a grand line up of vehicles availible for non-combatant roles and it was while browsing these I noticed a gap in the vehicle pool. A soft skinned multi- purpose transporter a bit like the ww2 Opel Blitz or the United States Mack truck would fill this gap, while the Imperial Guard would save their precious Chimeras and super heavy transports for the front line. Such a vehicle would be very basic, dependable and get stuff from A to B without fuss.

After looking around on thee internet I came up with this rough sketch and went down to the local model shop to procure some styrene section and sheet....

The transporter (I'm yet to think of a name for it) will be unarmed but will have the option to mount a heavy stubber in the turret above the cab. I thought a transport capacity of 20 with armour values of 10/9/9 would do the trick. I need to have a play with the Vehicle Design Rules soonish. With a transport capacity of 20, three vehicles should be able to manage a (maxed) IG platoon with a support squad which seems a fairly realistic. Imagine three of these in convoy taking urgently needed reinforcements to the front.

I have so far fabricated three chassis, so now for the hard part of doing the cabs and body work. I was stumped over what to do about wheels for a while until it struck me that LEGO makes nice chunky 40kesque truck wheels, twelve of which I procured from these friendly people for a few quid.

Well here's the work in progress, I'll hopefully have something looking truck like soon.

Tuesday 16 December 2008

Something from the archive

Having a root around for a plasma rifle the other day I turfed up this bad boy, my Blood Angels standard bearer from back in the olden days. He's seen action under Rogue Trader, 2nd and 3rd edition rules. It was my first (minor) conversion and I remember being pretty chuffed with him back then, although the paint job is looking a bit ropey nowadays.

I remember under 2nd ed rules the Bionic leg was a potent kicking tool indeed causing D3 wounds in close combat, something me old Orky opponent begrudged when he gave Ghazghull a good thraping in close combat (admittedly after half a dozen assault marines got brained first).

Monday 15 December 2008

The Dark Oppressors

I have my first batch of 'beakies' painted up. No mk7 Imperator armour for me, no sirree! These are the first nine (not sure why I painted nine instead of ten but there you go) of about 50 beakies I have waiting to be painted. Most of the plastics are stripped down from my old Blood Angels army I played under RT rules, before there were rules for death company and blod sucking librarians. The metals I have scrounged off ebay, mainly on the cheap but it seems there is a bit of a racket on oop minis nowadays, probably because of people like me.

I have a sketched out background for the chapter- the Dark Oppressors. Founded from Dark Angel geneseed 250 years ago, the chapter has struggled to gain its honour and recognition. Their combat doctrine is characterised by swift and brutal action (nothing new there for Astartes then) and they have seen much action in suppressing mutant hordes and rogue psykers, often being used as an internal force of subjugation. So for 40k v5 this means they will have the traits of 'cleanse and purify' and 'have faith in suspicion'. This stern and zealous practice has got the chapter into trouble, and during a recent pacification in the Damocles Gulf the third battle company got a 'little' over zealous in rooting out the xenos threat and launched a purge of Imperial citizens considered to have fraternised with the Tau invaders. The casualties that resulted almost caused further insurrection in the politically sensitive climate.

The Dark Oppressors have thereby identified themselves as a blunt instrument of warfare. By way of apology the Master has seconded the third battle company to the next Rogue Trader expedition to the Eastern Fringe, and they await orders....