Monday 21 September 2009

Robots, robots, robots

My endeavours on a certain auction site, combined with some treasure unearthed from my gaming past mean that I can count enough robots in my collection to field maniples of all but the Crusader class. Why the Crusader eludes me I'm not sure, did GW make less of them in the 80's? I deigned to buy Crusaders back then as I prefered shooty firepower from my 'bots, though now I'd quite like a maniple or two of the sword wielding ones.

Be warned, collecting RT robots makes a severe dent on your wallet, I could be sporting one of these by now if i hadn't developed a yearning for 20 year old bits of lead. Make no mistake this is an army sized project and all i have decided on so far is the Legio name- Void Hounds


The last few weeks have been a veritable painting frenzy, well pretty quick for me. Somehow between all the overtime and nightshifts work seems to be throwing at me I've managed to paint up another 10 marines to a nice standard, throw in a tech priest and get the base layers on dozens of other minis too. Here's to more productivity in the coming rotations....