Sunday 20 July 2014

Holbronx Turn 4

Trooper Stumpf surveyed the distant hills from his observation post on Olympia Heights. It had been a tough year, with the Reivers taking whomever they wanted, and slaying the rest. Everyone in his platoon had lost someone, everyone had a score to settle. Things had got better since the 'Fists had arrived, some big cheese called Kantor was helping them take it all back, things were certainly looking up. He'd even seen one of the power armoured guys from a distance. Massive, deep blue fella wielding a heavy bolter like it was a las pistol. Stumpf was glad they were on his side.
Sure, things were okay, just hold this observation post up here in the hills, smoking stogies all day and writing letters home wasn't so bad. No one wants some crummy hill, all the fighting was down in the cities and manufatories and Stumpf felt sorry for the poor figgers down there in the trenches.
The action has escalated in the Holbronx campaign, with each faction now having a defined front and lots of resources to spend on their military adventures.

One highlight of this turn was that everyone realised the importance of hex F6  (also known as Olympia Heights) and made a dash for it.  We played a three way game of 40k with modified core rules to keep things fair, and after a jolly slaughter on the heights the Imperial faction emerged victorious by several victory points.

Now in control of the heights, the imperials are poised to sweep down into Pilgrim's Sanctuary Spaceport but he must watch their flanks as the Dark Eldar control the high ground to the north.

A geographical map of Holbronx

Hex E7 is still contested between the Blood Angels and Dark Eldar, but as you can see the battle lines are firmly drawn as the campaign enters a new phase.