Wednesday 1 October 2014

Dante's last stand.

The servo skull, originating from deep within enemy territory took hours to reach Imperial Intelligence.  The data feed was immediately transmitted to Commander Pedro Kantor, it seemed to depict a desperate few Blood Angels being cut down by overwhelming Eldar forces.  Kantor only needed to watch the grainy video  clip once to be certain that it was indeed Dante.  It was with mixed feelings Pedro ruminated on the news, Dante, hero of the Imperium had fallen in battle, but only after besmirching the honour and dignity of his chapter, and plunging a whole system into bloody war.  The Inquisition had declared Dante 'Exocommunicate traitoris', along with his warriors on Holbronx.  The entire Baal system was locked down by Grey Knights kill ships while the Inquisitors looked to find the root of the heresy.  Already the Administratum was busily rewriting the Blood Angels out of the Imperial histories, a process that would take decades, if not centuries.  Stone masons would already be erasing the names of countless Blood Angels from the Tower of Heroes on Terra, such was the fate of heretics, even by association.

But Kantor could not help but feel compassion for his wayward comrade, whatever it was that had lead Dante and his Angels down this path he wagered that it came from a very human compulsion, of love and desperation.  Weaknesses turned to tragedy by the whispers of the primordial annihilator.

Servo skull pict feed of the tragic action