Tuesday 6 October 2009

On my workbench

The last couple of weeks I've been more or less living work :o( well we all have to pay the bills. My work bench is looking pretty cluttered, in fact it's well on its way into chaos. Maybe this is how the warmaster started his decline into insanity? Taking on too many projects at once is filling my head with an exponentially increasing mass of ideas and pushing out things like remembering my brothers birthday (sorry bruv). On the list at the moment.....

legio Cybernetica- Enough parts for 20 (at a push) rogue trader robots, I really need to sit down, draw up a list, design a paint scheme and paint these great robots.

RTB101 Marines- Another squad awaiting paint in my green and purple colours (think I'll call them Knights of Atreus as my IG regiment was from 'Atreus' and I wrote up a nice background for the world)

RT Landraider- I have an old old Landraider in Ultramarines colours that needs renovation, to remove the thick several layers of paint and remodel the weapons so they articulate, I want this to be an article with pictures and I'll paint it up to be my SM captain's ride.

More RT bits lying around- Ok writing this all down has shown me the madness of taking this all on at once. A lesson learnt, starting projects is easier than finisheing them, I need to rationalise the workbench and finish something!!

Ok time for bed, and a proper posting with pictures soon! Promise!