Sunday 23 August 2009

Some major downtime....

I'm back, after 8 months of hiatus involving an abandoned career in teaching, a period on jobseekers allowance and no internet I suddenly remembered that I had a blog that needed some urgent attention!

Recent developments in my Rogue Trader collection involve me painting up some RT Space Orks and most excitingly i have procured a quantity of Legio Cybernetica robots from ebay, combined with my existing collection these will be getting a strip down and repainting as the Legio Cybernetica 'Void Hounds', a body of the Mechanicus that can trace it's history back to before the Horus Heresy.

For those of you not as old as me, the original rules for robots in WH40k were written by Rick Priestley and published in White Dwarf and the 40k Compendium. Five varieties of imperial robot were described, the Crusader, Conqueror, Colossus, Cataphract and Castellan. Each type fulfills a different role from long range support to close combat and siege assault. The robots have their own 'program' which governs their actions on the battlefield, making them an inflexible if very tough unit to take on the field. Although the modern 40k background hints at the existence of Adeptus Mechanicus robots there aren't any rules for them nowadays, a shame really since they were so much fun to play.