Tuesday 30 September 2014

Holbronx Turn 6: Armour on the Plains

In an attempt to break the stalemate on the River Schutze, the Imperials amassed companies of armour for a decisive thrust along the South coast of Pangea.  The Blood Angels were caught napping and despite throwing their own armour into the gap, it was too late to turn back the tide.  The Blood Angels suffered grievous losses and the Loyalist forces have successfully established a foothold to the West of the Schutze.

The Imperials mass their armour in the cover of some ancient ruins

The open plains give the advantage to the armoured column, where the loyalists punished the Blood Angels with ordnance and lascannon
It remains to be seen whether the Blood Angels can halt the armoured advance, they have a bitter struggle on their hands to stop the juggernaut before it gets to their back lines!

Monday 22 September 2014

Crimson Fists Dreadnought 2

 I've been looking to add some elite and heavy choices to my Crimson Fists and following a search on eBay I found an incomplete 'bjorn' dreadnought going for a very cheap price.  The claw part of Bjorn's left arm was missing so after a trip to the paint stripping bath I modelled a new power claw on using green stuff and plasticard.  The new dread now has a Crimson Fists paint job and he has been re-christened 'Sergio'.  The wolf pelt was awarded by the Space Wolves after Sergio rescued some wolf scouts from a tricky situation and he proudly wears it over his left arm.  Any similarities to the old Bjorn are therefore purely coincidental.  The photo shows him on the right, alongside his ancient comrade, brother Antal.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Holbronx Turn 6

Turn 5 saw a lot of action in the centre with all three armies trying to get a commanding position around Olympia Heights.  The Dark Eldar were stymied at F6 where they met the rogue Blood Angels and combined Imperial forces, while a mechanized force of Blood Angels saw off the Dark Eldar at E7.

Going into turn 6, there are only three unclaimed hexes left so I predict some meeting engagements between the BA and Eldar for D7 and C8, while the Imperials intend to push ahead and take the Aeronauticum.